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Behesht offers a feast reminiscent of a Darvish fairy tale. Genuine antiques, old Persian copper lamps, fountains and warm wood columns create a reflection of Iran 's romanticism when it was known as Persia . Behesht restaurant, in keeping with tradition, is hand-painted in rich red-maroon, turquoise blue and sun gold. Greeted by an impressive waiting room, guests enter the main dining area of the restaurant, filled with the Iranian antiques and rugs and carpets . When seated, the kitchen acts as an attraction for guests as they watch chefs prepare and bake bread in the special tanour bread oven and kebabs on the traditional grill. Enveloped by a beautiful wooden floor, tall columns and a light-blue, sculpted ceiling, the room provides a serene and intimate atmosphere. High, Gothic-style arcades create the breathtaking appearance of the terrace area. Night only enhances the effect, when chandelier and wall lights project a myriad of light shards. Special functions, exclusive dinners and meetings can be catered for in two private dining rooms. The room can contain up to 16 people, seated around a large table, while the other ' room can accommodate a maximum of ten people. The dining experience in this London restaurant is fulfilled as guests experience the cosines of the tea room while drinking authentic Iranian tea. Above the tea area and overlooking the terrace.

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Before placing your order please inform a member of staff if a person in your party has a food allergy

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